As the management or HR director of a medium-sized company, do you want to digitize your HR management processes? Then we invite you to our Event & Dialogue “HR: Digitalization in Practice” on July 20, 2022. In cooperation with Deinzerconsult, we will devote this evening to the topics surrounding the digitalization of HR management: How do you set up the requirements for the selection of a tool? How do you select a system? How do you implement it? We will present and discuss trends, tips and tools and address the individual situation of your company with recommendations for action in interactive sessions. In addition to new impulses and exciting discussions, you can expect the following topics:

  • Overview & trends of HR digitalization
  • Selection & implementation of suitable tools
  • Examples & tips from practice
  • Development of solutions & recommendations for action

Finally, we will round off the evening together with culinary delicacies and a beautiful view. We look forward to seeing you – and to a great “Event & Dialogue”!

Save the Date: July 20, 2022, starting at 5:00 p.m. at Äußere Sulzbacher Str. 124, 90491 Nuremberg, Germany.

If you are interested, you can register here

The world of work is changing dramatically and is challenging HR managers. Whether it’s the shortage of skilled workers, succession management or digitalization: there’s a lack of personnel here, a lack of sufficient skills there. These dynamics have led to an increasing professionalization of HR management. State-of-the-art planning of personnel requirements forms an important and valid basis here.

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It’s the combination that makes the difference! Different skills, practical experience and solid expertise are the basis for our business. As diverse as our team is, our common basis is our affinity for medium-sized businesses and for the people who shape them.

Our Consultant Jennifer Augustin

When „I“ is replaced by „We” even illness becomes wellness. – Malcolm X

Jennifer Augustin is a consultant at THE MAK`ED TEAM and at home in different cultures. Haiti, Canada, the United States of America and the cooperation with people from different countries of this world span a wide range of inter-national and intercultural experience.

She has a high level of expertise in building organizations with professional structures and processes. She also has a lot of experience in building teams and developing people. She also focuses on managing training organizations and business development in Africa. She is our contact person for projects on the African continent and brings with her strong language skills – she is fluent in English, French and Haitian Creole – and her high cultural competencies the best prerequisites for this.

She herself is at home in many worlds with a varied curriculum vitae: Jennifer Augustin was born in Haiti, grew up in Canada and completed her studies in the USA. With a Bachelor’s degree in Management & Supervision and a Bachelor’s degree in Organizational Communication, she was able to acquire a broad knowledge base. She then further enhanced her versatile skills with a Master of Science in Human Resource Management. After graduation, she pursued her passion for developing and organizing people in practice, and her career paths led her back to her home country. During this time she also became a partner of THE MAK’ED TEAM Haiti.

Today Jennifer Augustin lives in Florida. Her vast international experience and her hands-on, open nature make her a very valued team member and we look forward to many more international projects with her.

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There is no doubt that the global economy is currently facing major challenges and upheavals. But no matter how global trade and economic relations develop: For all companies with plans for growth, internationalization is on the agenda sooner or later. Opening up new markets is as exciting as it is challenging. A smart approach is the key here. We have already supported many companies in their internationalization and know the enormous opportunities. And also the hurdles.

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Succession is everything. Sooner or later, every company will have to face it. And for many SMEs in this country, in the not too distant future. According to estimates by the Bonn Institute for SME Research, around 190,000 company successions are due to take place between 2022 and 2026 because the management is leaving. The figures vary greatly from state to state – Bavaria, North Rhine-Westphalia and Baden-Württemberg are most affected. Due to demographic factors, the number of handovers per year tends to increase. Since most companies are family businesses, the internal family handover is the number one succession solution. But what happens if there are no competent descendants willing to lead the company? Then there are two options: Management buy-in (MBI) and management buy-out (MBO). What sounds complicated is actually quite simple: In an MBI, the company is sold to an external management, i.e. to a third party. And in the case of an MBO, the company is sold to management from within the company, for example to the management or employees. Whether the succession can be arranged within the family, within the company or outside the company, and which succession solution is best in each case, depends on the individual factors of the company.

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Does HR management still handle a lot of time-consuming, administrative work? Then it’s high time to change that. Societal changes such as the shortage of skilled workers or digitalization are presenting human resources management (HRM) with a major change process. HR must continue to evolve – just like all other areas of business. And technologies make an important contribution to this development. Digitization makes many of the processes more consistent, transparent and error-free. It is a must for all companies that want to develop positively and ensure future-proof HR management. In the HR area, the right software can take away many administrative, time-consuming processes, so that HR managers can devote more time to their employees. And the employees themselves also benefit in many ways from digitized and individualized processes in their everyday work. But as often as one hears and reads about the need for digitalization, so little has actually happened in many companies.

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ESG is not a trend, but the way to responsibly shape the future. But what about ESG compliance in your own company? ESG stands for Environmental, Social and Governance and medium-sized companies are confronted with this in many areas. A sustainable ESG concept helps a company to define and achieve its sustainability goals, to be attractive to banks and to increase the value of the company. When developing and implementing such an individual concept, many questions arise that need to be clarified. A systematic and structured approach ensures the necessary transparency here.

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The consulting company Deinzerconsult is our project partner and complements the competences of THE MAK`ED TEAM in individual projects with its high level of experience in the optimization of manufacturing and production processes.

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We don’t like to paint the devil on the wall. Rather, we think that part of risk management is to ensure the ability of an owner or a partner to act even if the person is unable to act himself at the moment. Illness and accidents are just two examples. The roles that an entrepreneur has as owner, managing director or partner must also be fulfilled in this situation – but by whom and on what basis? This is where the entrepreneurial power of attorney helps.

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Strategy, liquidity, earnings: a company crisis can have various causes. Well-established crisis compliance shows the right steps to take in the individual situation. The risk of a crisis has increased significantly in recent years and more recently against the backdrop of the pandemic and the Ukraine war – even for seasoned companies. Moreover, in times of numerous high-profile corporate scandals, the liability claims of boards for misconduct have come into focus. Against this background, crisis compliance management is currently experiencing a strong upswing.

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