The world of work is changing dramatically and is challenging HR managers. Whether it’s the shortage of skilled workers, succession management or digitalization: there’s a lack of personnel here, a lack of sufficient skills there. These dynamics have led to an increasing professionalization of HR management. State-of-the-art planning of personnel requirements forms an important and valid basis here.

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It’s the combination that makes the difference! Different skills, practical experience and solid expertise are the basis for our business. As diverse as our team is, our common basis is our affinity for medium-sized businesses and for the people who shape them.

Our Consultant Jennifer Augustin

When „I“ is replaced by „We” even illness becomes wellness. – Malcolm X

Jennifer Augustin is a consultant at THE MAK`ED TEAM and at home in different cultures. Haiti, Canada, the United States of America and the cooperation with people from different countries of this world span a wide range of inter-national and intercultural experience.

She has a high level of expertise in building organizations with professional structures and processes. She also has a lot of experience in building teams and developing people. She also focuses on managing training organizations and business development in Africa. She is our contact person for projects on the African continent and brings with her strong language skills – she is fluent in English, French and Haitian Creole – and her high cultural competencies the best prerequisites for this.

She herself is at home in many worlds with a varied curriculum vitae: Jennifer Augustin was born in Haiti, grew up in Canada and completed her studies in the USA. With a Bachelor’s degree in Management & Supervision and a Bachelor’s degree in Organizational Communication, she was able to acquire a broad knowledge base. She then further enhanced her versatile skills with a Master of Science in Human Resource Management. After graduation, she pursued her passion for developing and organizing people in practice, and her career paths led her back to her home country. During this time she also became a partner of THE MAK’ED TEAM Haiti.

Today Jennifer Augustin lives in Florida. Her vast international experience and her hands-on, open nature make her a very valued team member and we look forward to many more international projects with her.

More about the personalities behind THE MAK’ED TEAM.

Introducing new processes, mastering transformations, overcoming challenges: A company that is intensively concerned with itself can be highly satisfied with its performance. But where is the customer? The needs of customers change at least as fast as the markets. A company must keep up if it does not want to be left behind by the competition. This calls for a consistent change of perspective from time to time: the focus is not on the company and its products, but on the customer and his or her needs.

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THE MAK’ED TEAM combines its SME expertise with teaching

In the North Baden region, two strong partners with a clear focus on medium-sized businesses have come together. At the beginning of the month, we sealed our cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences for Management (HdWM) in Mannheim.

This means that teaching is now even more closely linked to practice – for more competence for SMEs. We are convinced of the efficiency of small and medium-sized enterprises and would like to help shape this efficiency by empowering young people.

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THE MAK’ED TEAM introduced the learning management system Moodle at the peacekeeping school “École de Maintien de la Paix” and conducted a train-the-trainer qualification for online teaching. This created an important basis for successful online learning.

Since its foundation, THE MAK’ED TEAM has worked with a distinct international focus and is certified by iMove, an initiative of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) for the internationalization of German education and training services.

One of THE MAK’ED TEAM’s core competences is the establishment, development and management of training and education academies to promote skilled workers on site. That’s how we were selected for the project at the West African educational institution “Ecole de Maintien de la Paix” (EMP-ABB), which extended from November 2020 to September 2021, including the planning and start-up phase.

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Since 2013, I have been working in Haiti in the field of further education and the development of personnel and organizations – in 2016, I started my own local business in Port-au-Prince. Two days ago, widespread violence broke out – with road barricades, looting and shooting throughout the country.

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The digitalization is rolling like an avalanche through the industrial countries at the moment. Everything is absorbed and changes the complete environment or society through this. This digitalization, the so-called digital transformation or also revolution, running through our country – for my taste actually much too slow – changes us and our complete culture.

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Much is reported and discussed lately over the so-called digital media and the competence connected to that. But what is standing behind it? What is part of the digital media and what kind of competence one must acquire?

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