It’s the combination that makes the difference! Different skills, practical experience and solid expertise are the basis for our business. As diverse as our team is, our common basis is our affinity for medium-sized businesses and for the people who shape them.

Our Consultant Christoph Bellmann

“You don’t always have to act in an economically sensible way, but you do have to know the economic effects of your actions!”.

Christoph Bellmann is a Consultant at THE MAK`ED TEAM and his focus is on Finance & Controlling, where he specializes in corporate planning for our client projects.

He laid the right foundations with his Master’s Degree in Economic Science in Germany and the USA and gained his first professional experience in start-up consulting after his studies. Today, Christoph Bellmann works at THE MAK`ED TEAM in our projects with companies from various industries that are in different stages of their business. From digital liquidity management in a time of crisis, corporate planning for growth, the use of financial subsidies, analyses or reorganization roadmaps: Christoph Bellmann is a valued colleague who applies his expertise in a goal-oriented manner for our clients – so that the solutions are not only well thought out, but also well done.


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