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You don‘t live modern personnel management in your company? Are you thinking about how HR Management could look like in the future? THE MAK’ED TEAM makes your human resources work sustainable.


Key competences are a valuable and vital resource in companies. A competent team makes the organization capable of action and brings the desired success. With the major transformation processes in the world of work, the demands on competences are also changing. At the same time, competent employees are becoming increasingly rare due to the shortage of skilled workers. Strategic competence management is therefore an elementary factor of future-oriented personnel development. Which core competencies are in focus varies from company to company and from sector to sector.

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BVMW Expertentkreis HR Personalmanagement

THE MAK`ED TEAM is a member of the expert group “human resources” of the BVMW – the network for the German small and medium-sized businesses. The representation of THE MAK’ED TEAM in the expert group as well as one of the working groups there has been taken over by the managing director Ann-Katrin Hardenberg.

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Up and down the country, companies are rumbling. There are already too few skilled workers and in the coming years masses of baby boomers will leave the labour market. The large vacancies that will arise here cannot be covered by the next generation by a long shot. In parallel, current topics such as digitalisation, sustainability or supply chains demand fundamental transformation processes from companies. New structures and competences are needed for all these challenges. This presents HR managers with the task of mastering the balancing act between the changed labour market and the changed corporate world. To do this, they need a systematic and structured approach to competences. Thus, competence management is increasingly moving into the focus of many companies. Never before has it been more urgent to know the competencies of employees and to develop personnel in a targeted manner in order to secure the company’s ability to act and innovate.

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THE MAK’ED TEAM introduced the learning management system Moodle at the peacekeeping school “École de Maintien de la Paix” and conducted a train-the-trainer qualification for online teaching. This created an important basis for successful online learning.

Since its foundation, THE MAK’ED TEAM has worked with a distinct international focus and is certified by iMove, an initiative of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) for the internationalization of German education and training services.

One of THE MAK’ED TEAM’s core competences is the establishment, development and management of training and education academies to promote skilled workers on site. That’s how we were selected for the project at the West African educational institution “Ecole de Maintien de la Paix” (EMP-ABB), which extended from November 2020 to September 2021, including the planning and start-up phase.

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Ein Thema, das im Mittelstand wichtig ist: Employer Branding

Most small and medium-sized companies feel it clearly: the necessary employees are harder to find than ever before! In certain sectors or regions, the shortage of skilled workers has been painfully noticeable for some time, but finding and retaining well-qualified candidates is now a real art. It is not the employer, but the potential employee who holds the scepter. This paradigm shift in the labor market is one of the great changes of our time. Consequently, so-called employer branding, i.e. the development of an attractive employer brand and its marketing to the outside world, is increasingly coming into focus. No matter what size company and what budget it has available: If it wants to secure its own future, it must adapt to the requirements of potential employees with suitable marketing and recruiting strategies.

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Macht mittelständische Unternehmen stark: Personalabteilung

Whether it’s a small family business or a globally active company: Finding the right staff is becoming increasingly challenging for every HR department. The shortage of skilled workers has become the bottleneck in German SMEs – and good staff has become a critical resource for success. New, good team players are rare. The constant development of the existing team, making it fit for the future and keeping it in the company, is a real challenge. Through professional and strategically anchored personnel work, medium-sized companies can improve their position to meet these challenges.

How to create a good basis for strategically operating human resources work

Not every company needs a whole HR department to effectively manage the human resources and the corporate culture. Sometimes, only one HR officer is enough. This depends on many individual factors of the company, such as size, industry, complexity or planned orientation.

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Aus der Kurzarbeit zurück in die Vollbeschäftigung

A few days ago, in a customer project, we met the new head of corporate communications, who has been in charge of this important department for a few weeks now.

From an initial small talk, let’s call the sympathetic lady Mrs. Wilhelm, she came to talk about her experiences with short-time work. The description from her point of view was so impressive that we did not want to keep it to ourselves.

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One of our core competencies is the development, implementation and management of continuing education programs, incubator centers and vocational training centers.

The promotion of skilled workers and the qualification of (not only) young people belongs to the multifaceted area of corporate learning, which is the focus of our attention alongside management and development.

As part of the practical example published by iMOVE, we strategically realigned the continuing education centre of the private Université Quisqueya. The concept of the educational centre was revised, the educational offer was modernised and extended by digital possibilities. A language centre, the QM system and a train-the-trainer programme have also been integrated.
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Project Insights: Conception and implementation of an international onboarding program for new employees


Many people still know the good old induction plan from their own start in a company – and this was probably especially the case in a company, that had already reached a certain size as a medium-sized company.

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Processes, structures, competencies, knowledge – everything in a company is currently in a continuous process of change – everything is put to the test. Influences of digitization and internationalization are fueling these changes to an undreamt-of degree. Change means for each individual employee above all changing oneself.

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