EMPOWER'ED - Efficiency and Development

EMPOWER’ED is the corporate division of THE MAK’ED TEAM, where the focus areas management and development are anchored. We are standing for target-oriented advancement of midsize companies and institutions to strengthen their efficiency and effectiveness.

We are working for companies and for institutions in the scope of

  • Corporate Development
  • Organizational Development
  • Human resources Development
  • Business Development

and here we are focused especially to the resource personnel and to the resource finance. Our core work is concentrated to the aspects management and leadership, organization, personnel, finance and controlling in almost every situation of an institution and for almost every reason, that might happen in a lifetime of an entrepreneur and his company.

We are MAKERS, who actively support and accompany institutions from the private or public sector with developments, changes and implementations. By our services we work out tailormade solutions together with the companies and the institutions, matched with the respective culture and implemented with our hands-on and energetic mentality.

We are working as MAKERS, project managers, sparring partner with the target to force the future viability of companies and institutions. We are working worldwide based on our highly practical knowledge and long lasting international experience.

We are MAKERS, who want to cause changes and developments, and are doing this with passion and intrepidity. With our MAKING we would like to sustainably leave footsteps in society, people and institutions.